When words leave off,
music begins.

Born and naturalized in Finland. Congolese-backed artist, producer and MC. Nkenda is known from his smooth, wicked and volatile style. Inspired and mesmerized by Hip-Hop at age of four, Nkenda first started DJing at Haaga Youth Center’s parties and occasionally writing rhymes in Finnish and freestyling at age 12 under the name DJ X.

At year 2007, he and his friends formed an underground group at Malmi Youth Center’s basement, which was short-lived but still quickly gained major underground success in Helsinki. The group made it to the famous Helsinki Freedom Records record label and made few tracks but groups inner problems started to rise and each of them went to venture their own solo-careers.

Few years later from that DJX started to study studio technology on his own from various websites and was producing and mixing his own and other MCs songs and released his own promotional works.

Nkenda is back at his game and is pushing more work on Finnish Hip-Hop. Like genius, you never know what is coming next from him.